Boogie Bounce Revolution

Boogie Bounce Revolution is a circuit class incorporating your mini trampolines for the cardio element and floor based stations for the muscle strength and endurance.  This is a 35-40minute class and consists of stations with just one circuit, one revolution with a warm up and cool down. Kick your metabolism into high gear with this simple, customizable workout.

Mix Cardio and Strength Training
You love cardio but know you should do weights too (or vice versa), and forcing yourself to do an entire workout you don’t enjoy can be tedious (and much easier to skip). Circuit training offers the best of both worlds by allowing you to combine intervals of high-intensity cardio with body weight as resistance for a comprehensive–and seriously kick-butt–workout.

Send Your Metabolism Soaring
Thanks to the many benefits of HIIT and weight lifting, circuit training kicks your fat-burning furnace into high gear. You’ll torch more calories in 20 minutes than you would in an entire hour on the elliptical reading a magazine. Plus, the after burn effect will have you torching calories for up to 48 hours after your workout ends.

Never Waste Another Minute
Waiting in line for your favorite machine or trying to avoid conversation with the chatty muscle head camped out by the dumbbells are fast ways to kill your motivation. With circuit training, it’s easy to swap out one station for a different exercise and still get the same great workout.

Get Maximum Results in Minimum Time
Nobody has hours a day to spend in the gym. Circuit training is the perfect workout for a time-crunched fitness frenzy.

Challenge Your Whole Body
Many people just wander around the gym floor and winging about their workout.  By incorporating individual “stations” as part of a whole-body circuit, you’re guaranteed to hit every major–and minor–muscle group.


Increase white blood cells

Stimulate lymphatic system


Boost energy

Improve digestion

Improve varicose veins

Weight loss

Prevent cancer

Build bone mass

Reduce cellulite

Boogie Bounce Extreme

The Boogie Bounce Xtreme programme is FAB, FUN, FUNKY AND FAT BURNING. It is a complete exercise programme on a mini trampoline, with a safety bar, choreographed to chart topping inspiring music which includes an extremely effective cardio section, and a really powerful bums, tums and thighs section too! Every muscle in the body is worked. EVEN THE FACIAL MUSCLES!

Boogie Bounce uses High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) techniques to maximise the most effective fat burning process in the cardio section, whilst using the pliable surface of the mat to perform a range of core stability exercises, thus engaging more of the deep core muscles. The programmes have been a hit since 1996 with countless success stories from regular attendees amazed at the ‘all over’ health and fitness results achieved.

Our 45/50 minutes classes are designed to promote a fun, party like atmosphere with inspiring music. Our instructors are all qualified and understand the different fitness needs of an individual and want to encourage all shapes and sizes and all walks of life to our classes. Our instructors tailor their classes to suit their attendees and are highly motivational in helping individuals achieve their long term fitness goals.

Boogie Bounce Kids

Kids have been going crazy for Boogie Bounce. Many kids just love the mini trampolines, and combined with their favourite music, kids just can’t get enough.

Our Boogie Bounce Kids classes are choreographed to combine a funky, fun, full body workout using mini trampolines that kids will love. Boogie Bounce for Kids offers kids an amazing low impact method of exercise, whilst making them simultaneously laugh and smile. Classes are suitable for children from 6years and above.

Some of the benefits of Boogie Bounce for kids:

Boost your child’s confidence

Improved co-ordination and balance

Train their motor skills

Train and improve their concentration and focus

Drain off all the extra energy


Instead of counting reps or keeping track of the clock, POUND® strategically distracts you from the high-intensity and duration of your workout, and shifts your focus to rhythm and volume. This immersion is responsible for the addictiveness of POUND® – the reason you can’t stay away!

Each 2-4 minute song is carefully calibrated with interval peaks and extended fat burning sequences, providing you with the best workout in the shortest span of time. After you’re done rocking out in a 45-minute POUND® class, you’ll have completed up to 15,000 reps, performed over 30 extended interval peaks, and zipped through more than 70 techniques without even realizing it.


Burn up to 900 calories per hour!

Tone and strengthen muscles through the entire body, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favourite music!

Improve your coordination, rhythm, and timing.

Increase your agility, endurance, and speed.

Get more musical!

Cinch the waistline, slim the thighs, and strengthen connective tissue and core muscles

Numerous studies have proven the powerful brain boosting, stress-relieving effects of drumming. The rhythm of drumming permeates the entire brain to improve focus, increase higher-level thinking and decision-making skills, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, decrease chronic pain, anxiety, and fatigue.


Zumba is the dance fitness craze that has been sweeping the nation for more than 10 years now, and is still continuing to grow at an incredible rate.

Originally founded in Colombia by Alberto Beto Perez in the 1990s, Zumba combines Latin and International Music with dance to create a fun and effective workout system, and revolutionise the way fitness is viewed. Unlike many forms of fitness, Zumba gives you the opportunity to burn calories and lose inches while putting a smile on your face.

By incorporating all elements of fitness including cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility and boosted energy.


In a kickboxing workout, you can expect to burn tons of calories and increase your endurance, but you won’t be able to appreciate kickboxing as a martial art. As a martial art, kickboxing can help you defend yourself in dangerous situations.

Because kickboxing is an important sport, expect strikes to be an important component of your kickboxing classes. Boxers and kickboxers have similar punches – jabs, hooks, and uppercuts – but it’s the kicks that decide the outcome of the match. As you become a kickboxer, you will learn to balance and to pivot on one foot, simultaneously striking your other foot and attacking vulnerable areas of your opponent’s body.

Benefits of Kickboxing
Although the moves involved in kickboxing may sound intimidating, learning them will give you a sense of accomplishment among many other benefits you can expect from your kickboxing classes.

Burn Your Calories
Studies show that an hour long kickboxing workout not only burns 350 to 450 calories, but is also equivalent to an hour of jogging. Aside from keeping your weight in check, kickboxing also promotes cardiovascular health.

Reduce Stress
Picture this – there’s probably nothing more stress-reducing than punching and kicking a bag that you imagine to be an annoying boss or a hard day at work. Kickboxing allows you to let off some steam while working out your body.

Releases Endorphins
Endorphins are the so called “happy hormones”, named as such because they leave you in a happy mood. Aside from boosting your mood, endorphins also increase your confidence level. It will leave you feeling happy even hours after your class.

Improves Coordination
If people call you a klutz, now’s the time to prove them wrong. Kickboxing allows you develop your core muscles and improve both your coordination and reflexes. The precise moves in kickboxing will help you concentrate all your energy for proper execution.

Increase Flexibility
Flexibility decreases over time. Kickboxing increases your overall flexibility, and improves your strength and reflexes as well. This will lessen the likelihood of injury during periods of exertion.

Improves Posture
The great thing about kickboxing is that it challenges all your muscle groups, especially those that don’t get much attention throughout the day. As mentioned, kickboxing also targets your core group of muscles which are needed to execute each move properly.

Self Defence
Remember that situation with the two men? Well, once you learn kickboxing, you can show those thugs to mess with someone their own size. Kickboxing helps you develop skills necessary for self-defence and help you build strength and endurance, too.
If using the treadmill is the only cardio workout you know, then kickboxing offers a more diverse workout. Wearing weights on your wrists and/or ankles, or simply using lightweight boxing gloves offers extra resistance to work against.
With all these benefits you can get, don’t hesitate to sign up for those kickboxing classes. Whether you want to get fit, to lose weight, or simply to try something new, there’s nothing that will challenge you more than kickboxing. Kickboxing is just one of a few routines that offers not only a workout, but also a vent to release any emotional tension you might be feeling. Kickboxing might be the road less travelled, but there was never an easy road to fitness. And if that’s your goal, might as well make the trip worth it with kickboxing.